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Training with Iron Skull Krav Maga

Krav Maga classes for

Kids and Teenagers

At Iron Skull Krav Maga, we have built an environment where your child train safely. There are no egos, and we do not welcome those with negative intentions in mind.

Our friendly atmosphere is contagious, and our team will always drive you to push yourself further than you thought possible.

Simply fun practical self-defence training for ages 4–15 years.

Our kids and teens classes are designed to deal with the safety issues the student faces on the streets today. Classes draw on the basic Krav Maga principles – with the aim to equip students with the skills needed to avoid or deal with threats and attacks. 

The training  teaches the student to act responsibly and to avoid unnecessary risks. Having respect for themselves and others. Understanding that ‘gut feeling’ and that It’s not weak to walk away from trouble. 

The student will not only learn some realistic self-defence skills, they will also make great friends, improve their fitness and focus too. There are also opportunities to grade.

What we do?

Build self confidence

Through learning self defence and playing aggression games.

Increase awareness

Help children become aware of their surroundings and steer clear of dangerous situations.

Teach essential self defence

Tailored Krav Maga syllabus that's proven to work over decades.

Have fun

Yes we get serious, but we have to have fun in order to maximise their learning.

Develop essential life skills

We don't believe it's optional when it comes to considering self defence as a life skill.

Bully-proof your kids with our Kids and Teen Krav Maga Glasgow classes...​

Krav Maga Self Defence classes for kids and adults currently run 4 days-a-week in Glasgow. 3 classes per age group every week.

Training with Iron Skull Krav Maga

The key to Krav Maga training at Iron Skull is our teaching process. We deliver our training programs in a clear, structured way to maximise the learning experience. Our grading system allows you to track your progress and manage your goals effectively.

Team of experienced instructors

Our team of experienced instructors are certified to teach Krav Maga through regular instructor update training by Krav Maga Global (KMG), the leading provider of Krav Maga training around the world.

Krav Maga Global

With more than 1500 instructors in over sixty countries around the world, KMG is the premier provider of Krav Maga Instructor Training.

Iron Skull Krav Maga is a leading training provider of authentic Krav Maga for Kids and Teenagers

in the Glasgow area operating out of full time, permanent training centres.

Our goal is to revive the idea that exercise is health.

We try to positively use excess energy and redirect attention from tablets and other electronic devices towards physical education.

The benefits of Training Krav Maga

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